Thursday, July 16, 2009


On wednesday,15th July 2009...its a historical day that i SHALL NOT forgot...thanks to my mun and pui yee...went to school as usual...then here came the REAL CASE SCENARIO!!!went for recess and REMEMBER that i brought my bottle down with me...i was with pui yee...we part ways as she needed to go to the, i took her bottle with me and went to the canteen to phone my mom...okay,after that i have a bite and drank nearly the whole bottle and ask my friend Bianca to help me to bring it back to the class as i need to go some where else...when back to the class n took the bottle from her and put it at the corner of my table...and open my bag to search for my book and guess what i saw???MY BOTTLE!!!then i thought that i was dreaming and blink for few times and i came back to reality and i still see my FULL CONTAIN BOTTLE IN MY BAG!!!I was like wasn't i drank the whole bottle alr???I saw that there is ANOTHER bottle at the corner that i drank earlier...i was in complete SHOCK coz i realise that i DRANK THE FREAKING WRONG BOTTLE!!!!It looks the same....i was screaming in the class as there is no teacher in the class at that particular moment and my friends ask me what the i told them what happen they laught at me...then pui yee and ee mun was like...erm acctually early in the morning i saw that same bottle on the teachers table and we thought that i was urs and i put it on your table...and i was like WHAT THE HELL!!!!that means i drank the whole bottle of an UNKNOWN PERSON!!! my friends at the back was all laughing and they make funny REALLY FUNNY jokes on me...eventually i was laughing too till my tear came rolling down my cheeck...GOSH wat a day...